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To learn more about the boycott by smokers' rights groups and others on the American Cancer Society, the American Lung Association and the American Heart Association because of the non-profits abuse of funds, check out: New York City: C.L.A.S.H.
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Would you want your donation to go to the following, as reported by The Associated Press: "TACOMA, Wash. -- An initiative to ban indoor smoking in public accommodations has gotten a new lease on life with a $275,000 pledge by the American Cancer Society, backers say. ... The pledge was received by Healthy Indoor Air for All Washington late last month after the campaign had stopped paying signature gatherers because it was running in the red despite collecting $323,000 in contributions..."

Dismantling The Misinformation Age:
Science, Government, Corporations Run Amuk
This site features information on court rulings and epidemiological studies regarding ETS (enviromental tobacco smoke). The site will as it grows address other areas of public health, such as obesity, that such agencies as the CDC and the World Health Organization seem obsessed with controlling in the United States and, the latter, around the world. Smokescam offers a report, with corresponding evidence, that shows secondhand smoke has NOT been proved to be a danger to society. The report also points out the financial benefits antismoking activists, including pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, doctors and non-profit agencies, have in continuing their scare tactics regarding smoke. We hope by reading the documented information on this site, visitors will see the big picture and realize, as we have, that those making money out of these scares have an agenda that serves them. They have no regard for the rights of others. If it profits them, they will take away all of your choices.

2007: S. 625 "Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act" S. 625/H.R. 1108, sponsored by Senator Edward Kennedy. Click here, to read the information opposed to the legislation that was faxed to the 31 senators who endorsed the bill.

2005: Scottish court rules smoking has NOT been proved to cause lung cancer. Click here for details.
Study finds gene mutations involved in the development of lung cancer. One is first known to occur specifically in never smokers (March 21: Journal of the National Cancer Institute).
Click here for details.
Cigarette smoking and acute coronary syndromes: Multinational observational study published 2005 International Journal of Cardiology.
Click here for discussion on study and link to study.

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Battling city or state smoking bans? Click here for letters and facts used successfully here that may work in your effort.

Midland, Texas, Ordinance passed April 26, 2005. Instead of a total ban, which is what the anti-smokers/local medical association wanted, restaurants were required to be either smoking or non-smoking or if the restaurant wanted to have both, it had to provide separate ventilation systems.

Texas link:

Texans: Concern is rising regarding the financing of highways and the Trans-Texas Corridor. To read more, click here.

Notice to Texans: Do you want to fund terrorists activities? Increasing taxes on tobacco products (included in the Texas Legislature's HB3, which has passed the Texas House and the Texas Senate) could do just that. The U.S. Government Accountability Office published GAO-04-641, Cigarette Smuggling: Federal Law Enforcement Efforts and Seizures Increasing May 28, 2004. To access html version of the full report, click here. To access PDF version of the full report, click here. The report says, in part:
1. Summary Page: “Cigarette smuggling results in lost tax revenues, undermines government health policy objectives, can attract sophisticated and organized criminal groups, and could be a source of funding for terrorists.”
2. Summary Page: “According to ATF, illegal cigarette trafficking worldwide is a multibillion dollar a year crime phenomenon, with some cigarette smugglers having ties to terrorist groups.”

Read commentary on this subject, which deals with an increase tax on cigarettes in Washington State.

NOTICE: Governor Perry, Speaker of the House Tom Craddick, Senator Kel Seliger, the authors of HB3 (Representative Jim Keffer and Representative Kent Grusendorf) and all the members of the Senate Finance Committee were mailed a letter regarding terrorists activities in the illegal sales of tobacco products. Included in the package mailed to each were several pages from the U.S. Government Accountability Office report, several news articles regarding the situation and a fact sheet on taxes paid by Texas smokers.

Click here to see list of those who received the letter and to read the letter.

The Legislative Budget Board has calculated that the Senate Committee Substitute for HB 3, which passed the Senate, would increase taxes paid by 80% of Texas families. On average, only families with incomes over $140,000 a year would save more from property tax cuts than they would pay in higher sales, cigarette, and alcohol taxes or absorb in higher prices, lower wages, or lower profits due to the proposed business tax. Significantly, families with incomes under $13,400 would see a smaller net increase in taxes than all but the highest-income families, due to rebates made through the Lone Star Card used by food stamp and TANF recipients.Center for Public Policy Priorities Web site:
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